Turbofan and Turbojet Engines: database handbook
Les Éditions Élodie Roux - Turbofan and Turbojet Engines: database handbook
  • Title: Turbofan and Turbojet Engines: database handbook
  • Author: Élodie Roux
  • Abstract: This book is a collection of the characteristics of about 1500 turbofan and turbojet engines, with or without afterburner. These engines are implanted on many kinds of aircraft: airliners, freighters, business aircraft, fighters, experimental aircraft, gnopters...
    In order to facilitate the use of this book, engine characteristics are shown in the same synthetic way: thrust, specific fuel consumption, engine weight, bypass-ratio, overall pressure ratio, turbine entry temperature ...
    This book is also available in French.
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  • Number of pages: 596
  • Dimensions: 6"x9", ie. 15.24 cm x 22.86 cm
  • Publisher: Éditions Élodie Roux
  • Printed by: lulu.com
  • Year: 2007
  • ISBN: 978-2-9529380-1-3

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Engines shown in this book: 109-001, 109-003A, 109-004B-0, 109-004B-1, 109-004D, 109-007, 109-011, 109-012, 109-018, Adder, Adour Mk.851, Adour Mk.861, Adour Mk.861-49, Adour Mk.871, Adour RT.172 Mk.102, Adour RT.172 Mk.104, Adour RT.172 Mk.106, Adour RT.172 Mk.151, Adour RT.172 Mk.804, Adour RT.172 Mk.811, Adour RT.172 Mk.815, AE3007 , AE3007A, AE3007A1, AE3007A1/1, AE3007A1/3, AE3007A1E, AE3007A1P, AE3007A3, AE3007C, AE3007C1, AI-222-25, AI-222-28, AI-25, AI-25A, AI-25TL, AI-25TLK, AL-21, AL-21F, AL-21F-3, AL-21F-3A, AL-31F, AL-31MF, AL-35F, AL-37FU, AL-5, AL-7, AL-7F, AL-7F-1, AL-7F-2, AL-7PB, ALF301, ALF501, ALF502L, ALF502L-2, ALF502L-2A, ALF502L-2C, ALF502L-3, ALF502R-3, ALF502R-3A, ALF502R-5, ALF502R-6, AM-3A, AM-3D, AM-3M-500, AM-5A, AM-5B, AM-5F, Arbizon 3, Arbizon 3B2, Arbizon 3D, AS907, AS977-1A, Astafan 2, Astafan 3, Astafan 4, Atar, Atar 08C, Atar 08C-1, Atar 08K-50, Atar 09B, Atar 09B-3, Atar 09C, Atar 09C-3, Atar 09C-5, Atar 09K-10, Atar 09K-50, Atar 101A-0, Atar 101B, Atar 101C, Atar 101D, Atar 101D-1, Atar 101D-2, Atar 101D-3, Atar 101E, Atar 101E-3, Atar 101E-4, Atar 101E-5, Atar 101F, Atar 101G, Atar 101G-2, Atar 101G-2-1, Atar 101G-3, ATF3, ATF3-6 , ATF3-6A, Aubisque 1A, Avon RA.14 Mk.201, Avon RA.2, Avon RA.24R Mk.200R, Avon RA.24R Mk.202, Avon RA.24R Mk.206, Avon RA.24R Mk.208, Avon RA.24R Mk.210R, Avon RA.24R Mk.211R, Avon RA.25 Mk.502, Avon RA.25 Mk.503, Avon RA.25 Mk.504, Avon RA.26 Mk.522, Avon RA.28 Mk.203, Avon RA.28 Mk.204, Avon RA.28 Mk.205, Avon RA.28 Mk.207, Avon RA.29 Mk.522, Avon RA.29 Mk.523, Avon RA.29/1 Mk.524, Avon RA.29/1 Mk.524B , Avon RA.29/1 Mk.525B, Avon RA.29/1 Mk.526, Avon RA.29/3 Mk.527B, Avon RA.29/6 Mk.531B, Avon RA.29/6 Mk.533R, Avon RA.29/6 Mk.535R, Avon RA.3 Mk.100, Avon RA.3 Mk.101-2, Avon RA.3 Mk.101-3, Avon RA.3 Mk.103, Avon RA.3 Mk.104, Avon RA.3 Mk.107, Avon RA.3 Mk.108, Avon RA.3 Mk.109, Avon RA.4 Mk.107, Avon RA.7 Mk.113, Avon RA.7 Mk.114, Avon RA.7 Mk.116, Avon RA.7 Mk.117, Avon RA.7 Mk.122, Avon RA.7 Mk.20, Avon RA.7 Mk.26, Avon RA.7R Mk.114, Avon RB.146 Mk.301, Avon RB.146 Mk.302, Avon RB.146 Mk.302C, Bastafan, BR710, BR710-48, BR710A1-10, BR710A2-20, BR710B3-40 Mk.101, BR710C4-11, BR715-55, BR715A1-30, BR715B1-30, BR715C1-30, CF34-10A, CF34-10D5, CF34-10D6, CF34-10E5, CF34-1A, CF34-3A, CF34-3A1, CF34-3B, CF34-3B1, CF34-8C1, CF34-8C5, CF34-8C5B1, CF34-8D1, CF34-8D3, CF34-8D6, CF34-8E2, CF6-45A, CF6-45A2, CF6-45B, CF6-45B2, CF6-50, CF6-50A, CF6-50B, CF6-50C, CF6-50C1, CF6-50C2, CF6-50C2B, CF6-50C2F, CF6-50C2R, CF6-50D, CF6-50D1, CF6-50E, CF6-50E1, CF6-50E2, CF6-50E2B, CF6-6, CF6-6D, CF6-6D1, CF6-6D1A, CF6-6E, CF6-6F, CF6-6K, CF6-6K2, CF6-80A, CF6-80A1, CF6-80A2, CF6-80A3, CF6-80C2, CF6-80C2A1, CF6-80C2A2, CF6-80C2A3, CF6-80C2A5, CF6-80C2A5F, CF6-80C2A6, CF6-80C2A6F, CF6-80C2A7, CF6-80C2A8, CF6-80C2B1, CF6-80C2B1F, CF6-80C2B1F2, CF6-80C2B2, CF6-80C2B2F, CF6-80C2B3, CF6-80C2B3F, CF6-80C2B4, CF6-80C2B4F, CF6-80C2B5F, CF6-80C2B6, CF6-80C2B6F, CF6-80C2B6FA, CF6-80C2B7F, CF6-80C2B8F, CF6-80C2B9F, CF6-80C2D1F, CF6-80E1, CF6-80E1A1, CF6-80E1A2 , CF6-80E1A3, CF6-80E1A4, CF700-2B , CF700-2C, CF700-2D, CF700-2D2, CFE738 , CFE738-1-1B, CFM56-2A2 , CFM56-2B1, CFM56-2C1, CFM56-2C2, CFM56-3B1, CFM56-3B2, CFM56-3C1, CFM56-5A1, CFM56-5A3, CFM56-5A4, CFM56-5A5, CFM56-5B1, CFM56-5B1/2, CFM56-5B1/P, CFM56-5B2, CFM56-5B2/P, CFM56-5B3, CFM56-5B3/2P, CFM56-5B3/P, CFM56-5B4, CFM56-5B4/2, CFM56-5B4/2P, CFM56-5B4/P, CFM56-5B5, CFM56-5B5/P, CFM56-5B6, CFM56-5B6/2, CFM56-5B6/2P, CFM56-5B6/P, CFM56-5B7, CFM56-5B7/P, CFM56-5B8, CFM56-5B8/P, CFM56-5B9, CFM56-5B9/P, CFM56-5C2, CFM56-5C3, CFM56-5C3/F, CFM56-5C4, CFM56-5C4/P, CFM56-7B18, CFM56-7B20, CFM56-7B22, CFM56-7B24, CFM56-7B26, CFM56-7B27, CFM56-9, CJ610-1, CJ610-4, CJ610-5, CJ610-6, CJ610-8, CJ610-8A, CJ610-9, CJ805-21, CJ805-23B, CJ805-23C, CJ805-3, CJ805-3A, CJ805-3B, Conway RB.80 RCo.11 Mk.101, Conway RB.80 RCo.12 Mk.508, Conway RB.80 RCo.17 Mk.201, Conway RB.80 RCo.43D Mk.301, Conway RCo.12 Mk.508, Conway RCo.12 Mk.508A, Conway RCo.12 Mk.509, Conway RCo.12 Mk.509A, Conway RCo.42 Mk.540, Conway RCo.42-3 , Conway RCo.43D Mk.550B, D-100, D-110, D-15, D-18A, D-18T, D-18T-1, D-18T-3, D-18TM, D-18TR, D-20, D-20P, D-21A1, D-30-1, D-30-2, D-30-3, D-30F6, D-30K, D-30KP, D-30KP-2, D-30KPV, D-30KU, D-30KU-2, D-30KU-90, D-30P, D-30U-154, D-36-1, D-36-3A, D-36-4A, D-436K, D-436T1, D-436T2, D-436TM, D-436TP, Derwent RB.37 5/17, Derwent RB.37 Mk.1, Derwent RB.37 Mk.5, Derwent RB.37 Mk.8, Derwent RB.37 Mk.9, DV-2, DV-22/AI-22, DV-2F, EJ200 Mk.100, EJ22-1, F100-IHI-100, F100-IHI-220E, F100-PW-100, F100-PW-200, F100-PW-220, F100-PW-220E, F100-PW-220P, F100-PW-229, F100-PW-229A, F101-GE-100, F101-GE-102, F102-LD-100, F103-GE-101, F104-GA-100, F107-WR-101, F107-WR-400, F107-WR-402, F108-CF-100, F109-GA-100, F110-GE-100, F110-GE-129, F110-GE-132, F110-GE-400, F110-GE-X, F110-IHI-129, F112-WR-100, F117-PW-100, F118-GE-100, F118-GE-101, F119-PW-100, F121-WR-100, F121-WR-110, F121-WR-115, F124-GA-100, F124-GA-X, F124-GA-XX, F125, F125-GA-100, F125-GA-X, F125-GA-XX, F136-GE-100, F137-AD-100, F199-PW-100, F2/1, F3-IHI-30, F3-IHI-30, F401-PW-400, F402-RR-406A, F402-RR-408, F404-GE-100, F404-GE-100D, F404-GE-102, F404-GE-102D, F404-GE-400, F404-GE-400D, F404-GE-402, F404-GE-F1D2, F404-GE-F2J3, F404-GE-IN20, F405-RR-400, F405-RR-400L, F405-RR-401, F412-GE-400, F414, F414-GE-400, F415-WR-400, F415-WR-402, FJ33-1, FJ33-4, FJ44, FJ44-1A, FJ44-1AP, FJ44-1C, FJ44-2A, FJ44-2C, FJ44-3A, FJ44-4A, FJX-1, FJX-2, Gabizo, GE1, GE1/10, GE1/6, GE1/J1A1, GE4/J5P, GE90-110B1, GE90-115B, GE90-76B, GE90-85B, GE90-90B, GE90-92B, GE90-94B, GEnx-1A72, GEnx-1B70, GEnx-2B67, Ghost 101, Ghost 103, Ghost 104, Ghost 105, Ghost 48, Ghost 50, Ghost 50 Mk.1, Ghost 50 Mk.2, Goblin DGu.1, Goblin DGu.2, Goblin DGu.3, GP7168, GP7172, GP7176, GP7268, GP7270, GP7277, Gyron 1, Gyron Junior DGJ.10, HO-10, HTF7000, Iroquois PS-13, J100-CA-100, J101-GE-100, J104-AD-100, J3-IHI-3, J3-IHI-7C, J3-IHI-8, J30-WE-19, J30-WE-19A, J30-WE-20, J31-GE-1, J31-GE-3, J31-GE-5, J31-GE-7, J32-WE-5, J33-A-10, J33-A-13, J33-A-16, J33-A-16A, J33-A-17, J33-A-17A, J33-A-18A, J33-A-19, J33-A-21, J33-A-23, J33-A-25, J33-A-27, J33-A-29, J33-A-31, J33-A-33, J33-A-33A, J33-A-35, J33-A-37, J33-A-41, J33-A-6, J33-A-8, J33-A-9, J33-A-9A, J33-A-9B, J33-GE-11, J33-GE-11A, J33-GE-11B, J33-GE-15, J34-IHI-34, J34-WE-22, J34-WE-30, J34-WE-30A, J34-WE-32, J34-WE-34, J34-WE-36, J34-WE-36A, J34-WE-38, J34-WE-42, J34-WE-46, J34-WE-48, J35-A-11, J35-A-13, J35-A-13A, J35-A-13B, J35-A-13C, J35-A-15, J35-A-15C, J35-A-17, J35-A-17A, J35-A-17B, J35-A-17C, J35-A-17D, J35-A-19, J35-A-2, J35-A-21, J35-A-21A, J35-A-25, J35-A-29, J35-A-3, J35-A-33, J35-A-33A, J35-A-35, J35-A-35A, J35-A-4, J35-A-41, J35-A-5, J35-A-9, J35-C-3, J35-GE-2, J35-GE-7, J35-GE-9, J36-AC-1, J40-WE-12, J40-WE-22, J40-WE-22A, J40-WE-6, J40-WE-8, J400-WR-104, J400-WR-404, J402-CA-100-2, J402-CA-100-9B, J402-CA-400, J402-CA-401, J402-CA-700, J403-MT-400, J42-P-6, J42-P-8, J44-R-1, J46-WE-3, J46-WE-4, J46-WE-8, J46-WE-8A, J47-GE-1, J47-GE-11, J47-GE-13, J47-GE-15, J47-GE-17, J47-GE-17B, J47-GE-19, J47-GE-2, J47-GE-21, J47-GE-23, J47-GE-25, J47-GE-25A, J47-GE-27, J47-GE-3, J47-GE-33, J47-GE-7, J47-GE-9, J48-P-2, J48-P-3, J48-P-4, J48-P-5, J48-P-6, J48-P-6A, J48-P-8, J48-P-8A, J48-P-8B, J48-P-8C, J52-P-16, J52-P-3, J52-P-6, J52-P-6A, J52-P-6B, J52-P-8, J52-P-8A, J52-P-8B, J52-PW-408, J52-PW-408A, J52-PW-409, J57-P-10, J57-P-11, J57-P-12, J57-P-12A, J57-P-13, J57-P-13B, J57-P-16, J57-P-17, J57-P-19W, J57-P-2, J57-P-20, J57-P-20A, J57-P-21, J57-P-21A, J57-P-22, J57-P-23, J57-P-25, J57-P-29W, J57-P-29WA, J57-P-37A, J57-P-39, J57-P-43WA, J57-P-43WB, J57-P-47, J57-P-4A, J57-P-55, J57-P-59W, J57-P-6, J57-P-6A, J57-P-7, J57-P-7A, J57-P-8, J57-P-8A, J57-P-8B, J57-P-9, J57-P-9W, J58-P-4, J60-P-3, J60-P-4, J60-P-5, J60-P-6, J60-P-9, J65-B-3, J65-B-7, J65-W-1, J65-W-16, J65-W-16A, J65-W-18, J65-W-1A, J65-W-2, J65-W-3, J65-W-4, J65-W-4B, J65-W-5, J65-W-6, J65-W-7, J69-T-17, J69-T-25, J69-T-27, J69-T-29, J69-T-3, J69-T-39, J69-T-406, J69-T-41, J69-T-41A, J69-T-7, J69-T-9, J71-A-11, J71-A-13, J71-A-2, J71-A-2A, J71-A-2B, J71-A-9, J73-GE-3, J73-GE-3A, J73-GE-3D, J73-GE-3E, J73-GE-5, J73-GE-7, J75-P-13B, J75-P-17, J75-P-19, J75-P-19W, J75-P-3, J75-P-5, J79-GE-10, J79-GE-10B, J79-GE-11, J79-GE-119, J79-GE-11A, J79-GE-15, J79-GE-17, J79-GE-17C, J79-GE-17E, J79-GE-19, J79-GE-2, J79-GE-2A, J79-GE-3, J79-GE-3A, J79-GE-3B, J79-GE-4, J79-GE-5, J79-GE-5A, J79-GE-5B, J79-GE-5C, J79-GE-7, J79-GE-7A, J79-GE-8, J79-GE-8A, J79-GE-J1E, J79-MTU-17A, J79-MTU-J1K, J79-OEL-7, J85-CAN-15, J85-CAN-40, J85-GE-1, J85-GE-12, J85-GE-13, J85-GE-13A, J85-GE-17, J85-GE-17A, J85-GE-17B, J85-GE-17C, J85-GE-2, J85-GE-21, J85-GE-21A, J85-GE-3, J85-GE-4, J85-GE-5, J85-GE-5A, J85-GE-7, J85-GE-J4, J85-GE-LF1, J85-J1, J97-GE-100, JT12A, JT12A-3, JT12A-5, JT12A-6, JT12A-6A, JT12A-8, JT12A-8A, JT15D-1, JT15D-1A, JT15D-1B, JT15D-4, JT15D-4B, JT15D-4C, JT15D-4D, JT15D-5, JT15D-5A, JT15D-5B, JT15D-5C, JT15D-5D, JT3C-12, JT3C-2, JT3C-4, JT3C-6, JT3C-7, JT3D-1, JT3D-3, JT3D-3B, JT3D-3C, JT3D-7, JT3D-7A, JT3D-7B, JT4A-10, JT4A-11, JT4A-12, JT4A-3, JT4A-5, JT4A-7, JT4A-9, JT4B-21, JT8D-1, JT8D-11, JT8D-15, JT8D-15A, JT8D-17, JT8D-17A, JT8D-17AR, JT8D-17R, JT8D-1A, JT8D-1B, JT8D-209, JT8D-217, JT8D-217A, JT8D-217C, JT8D-219, JT8D-5, JT8D-7, JT8D-7A, JT8D-7B, JT8D-9, JT8D-9A, JT8D-M-9, JT9D-1, JT9D-15, JT9D-20, JT9D-20J, JT9D-25, JT9D-3, JT9D-3A, JT9D-59, JT9D-59A, JT9D-59B, JT9D-7, JT9D-70A, JT9D-70B, JT9D-7A, JT9D-7AH, JT9D-7ASP, JT9D-7AW, JT9D-7F, JT9D-7FW, JT9D-7J, JT9D-7Q, JT9D-7Q3, JT9D-7R, JT9D-7R4D, JT9D-7R4D1, JT9D-7R4E, JT9D-7R4E1, JT9D-7R4E3, JT9D-7R4E4, JT9D-7R4G2, JT9D-7R4H1, JT9D-9, JTF16, JTF17A-21, K-15, Kaveri, KJ12, Larzac 04-C20, Larzac 04-C6, Larzac 04-R20, Larzac 04-V3, Larzac 49-01, LF507, LF507-1F, LF507-1H, LF507-1N, M-701S-50, M-701VC-150, M45H-01, M45H-C, M45H-D Mk.501, M45H-E1, M45H-E2, M53-2, M53-5, M53-P2, M88-2, M88-3, Marbore 2, Marbore 2A, Marbore 2C, Marbore 2F, Marbore 6, Marbore 6C, Marbore 6F, Marbore 8, MC-750, MTFE, Nene Mk.102, Nene Mk.103, Nene Mk.104, Nene RB.41-1, Nene RB.41-10, Nene RB.41-2, Nene RB.41-3 Mk.101, Nene RB.41-6/21, NK-144, NK-144-22, NK-144A, NK-22, NK-25, NK-321, NK-8-2, NK-8-2U, NK-8-3, NK-8-4, NK-84, NK-86, NK-93, Olympus 593 Mk.601, Olympus 593 Mk.610, Olympus 593 Mk.611, Olympus 593 Mk.621, Olympus Mk.101, Olympus Mk.102, Olympus Mk.104, Olympus Mk.201, Olympus Mk.301, Olympus Mk.320, Orenda 10, Orenda 11, Orenda 14, Orenda 2, Orenda 3, Orenda 8, Orenda 9, Orpheus BOr.100 (pre-prod), Orpheus BOr.100-04, Orpheus BOr.101, Orpheus BOr.12, Orpheus BOr.3, Orpheus BOr.500, Orpheus BOr.701, Orpheus BOr.701-01, Orpheus BOr.703, Orpheus BOr.803, Orpheus BOr.803-02, Orpheus BOr.805, Pegasus 11 Mk.101, Pegasus 11 Mk.102, Pegasus 11 Mk.103, Pegasus 11 Mk.104, Pegasus 11-21 Mk.105, Pegasus 11-21 Mk.106, Pegasus 11-61 Mk.107, Pegasus 15, Pegasus 2, Pegasus 3, Pegasus 5-1, Pegasus 5-2, Pirna 014A0, Pirna 014A1, Pirna 016, PS-12, PS-12M, PS-30V-12, PS-7, PS-9, PS-90, PS-90A, PS-90A10, PS-90A12, PS-90AN-76, PW1120, PW1128, PW2037, PW2040, PW2043, PW2143, PW2237, PW2240, PW2337, PW2643, PW305A, PW305B, PW306, PW306A, PW306B, PW306C, PW307A, PW308A, PW308B, PW308C, PW4052, PW4056, PW4060, PW4060A, PW4062, PW4074, PW4077, PW4084, PW4090, PW4098, PW4152, PW4156, PW4156A, PW4158, PW4164, PW4168, PW4168A, PW4358, PW4460, PW4462, PW530, PW530A, PW535A, PW535B, PW545A, PW545B, PW545C, PW610F, PW6122, PW6124, PW615F, PW6162, PW625F, PW800 (AFTI), PW8160, R-11AF-300, R-11AF2-300, R-11B-300, R-11F-300, R-11F2S-300, R-13-300, R-13F-300, R-13F2-300, R-15-300, R-15B-300, R-15BD-300, R-19-300, R-195, R-25-300, R-27F2M-300, R-27M-300, R-27V-300, R-28-300, R-29-300, R-29B-300, R-29BS-300, R-29PN-300, R-31, R-31-300, R-31F-300, R-32-300, R-35-300, R-37F-300, R-79-300, R-79M-300, R-79V-300, R-95, R-9F, R123-300, R126-300, R127-300, RB.108, RB.145, RB.153-61, RB.153-61R, RB.162-1, RB.162-30, RB.162-31, RB.162-32, RB.162-4, RB.162-4D, RB.162-81, RB.162-86, RB.178, RB.193-12, RB.199-34R-04 Mk.101, RB.199-34R-04 Mk.103, RB.199-34R-04 Mk.104, RB.199-34R-04 Mk.104D, RB.199-34R-04 Mk.105, RB.202, RB.207, RB.211-22-02, RB.211-22B, RB.211-22B-02, RB.211-22C-02, RB.211-23, RB.211-24, RB.211-40, RB.211-524, RB.211-524B, RB.211-524B-02, RB.211-524B2-02, RB.211-524B4-02, RB.211-524B4D-02, RB.211-524BD-02, RB.211-524C, RB.211-524C2, RB.211-524D4, RB.211-524D4B, RB.211-524G, RB.211-524G-T, RB.211-524G/H-T, RB.211-524G3, RB.211-524G4-T, RB.211-524H, RB.211-524H-T, RB.211-524H2, RB.211-524H2-T, RB.211-524H3, RB.211-535C, RB.211-535C-37, RB.211-535E4, RB.211-535E4-37, RB.211-535E4B-37, RB.211-535F5-37, RB.211-56, RB.211-61, RB.220, RB.432, RD-10, RD-10A, RD-10F, RD-11, RD-1700, RD-20, RD-20F, RD-3, RD-33, RD-33K, RD-35, RD-36-35FVR, RD-36-35PR, RD-36-51V, RD-38, RD-3M, RD-3M-500, RD-41, RD-45FA, RD-500, RD-60K, RD-7M2, RD-9, RD-9AF, RD-9B, RD-9BF, RD-9E, RD-9F, RM1, RM10, RM11, RM12, RM14, RM15, RM1A, RM2A, RM2B, RM3A, RM6B, RM6C, RM8A, RM8B, RM9A, RM9B, S.1, S.2, S.3A, S.3B, S.6, SaM146, Sapphire ASSa.1 Mk.100, Sapphire ASSa.6 Mk.101, Sapphire ASSa.7 Mk.200, Sapphire ASSa.7R Mk.200R, SM-X, SO-1, SO-3, SO-3W, Spey Jr. RB.183-2 Mk.555-15, Spey Jr. RB.183-2 Mk.555-15H, Spey Jr. RB.183-2 Mk.555-15P, Spey RB.168-?? Mk.511-8, Spey RB.168 Mk.807, Spey RB.168-1A RSp.2 Mk.101, Spey RB.168-20 Mk.251, Spey RB.168-20 RSp.5-1 Mk.250, Spey RB.168-25R RSp.2 Mk.201, Spey RB.168-25R RSp.2 Mk.202, Spey RB.168-25R RSp.2 Mk.203, Spey RSp.1 Mk.505-5, Spey RSp.3 Mk.506-14, Spey RSp.3 Mk.506-14A, Spey RSp.3 Mk.506-14D, Spey RSp.3 Mk.506-2, Spey RSp.3W Mk.506-14AW, Spey RSp.4 Mk.510-14, Spey RSp.4 Mk.510-14W, Spey RSp.4 Mk.510-5, Spey RSp.4 Mk.511-1, Spey RSp.4 Mk.511-14, Spey RSp.4 Mk.511-14W, Spey RSp.4 Mk.511-5, Spey RSp.4 Mk.511-5W, Spey RSp.4 Mk.511-8, Spey RSp.4 Mk.512, Spey RSp.4 Mk.512-14, Spey RSp.4 Mk.512-14DW, Spey RSp.4 Mk.512-14DWE, Spey RSp.4 Mk.512-25, Spey RSp.4 Mk.512-5W, SPW14, Tay Mk.250 (Nene + AB), Tay RB.183-3 Mk.611, Tay RB.183-3 Mk.611-8, Tay RB.183-3 Mk.611-8C, Tay RB.183-3 Mk.620-15, Tay RB.183-3 Mk.650, Tay RB.183-3 Mk.650-14, Tay RB.183-3 Mk.650-15, Tay RB.183-3 Mk.651, Tay RB.183-3 Mk.651-54, Tay RB.183-3 Mk.670, Tay RB.183-55515P, TF1000, TF104, TF1200, TF1400, TF1500, TF30-PW-1, TF30-PW-100, TF30-PW-108, TF30-PW-12, TF30-PW-18, TF30-PW-3, TF30-PW-408, TF30-PW-412, TF30-PW-412A, TF30-PW-414, TF30-PW-414A, TF30-PW-6, TF30-PW-7, TF30-PW-8, TF30-PW-9, TF306C, TF306E, TF33-PW-100, TF33-PW-100A, TF33-PW-102, TF33-PW-102C, TF33-PW-11, TF33-PW-11A, TF33-PW-3, TF33-PW-5, TF33-PW-7, TF33-PW-7A, TF33-PW-9, TF34-GE-100, TF34-GE-100A, TF34-GE-2, TF34-GE-400A, TF34-GE-400B, TF37-GE-1, TF39-GE-1, TF39-GE-1C, TF39-GE-5CA, TF40-IHI-801A, TF41-A-1, TF41-A-1B, TF41-A-2, TF41-A-2B, TF41-A-400, TFE1042-70, TFE109-1, TFE731-1, TFE731-2, TFE731-2-25, TFE731-2-2B, TFE731-2-2N, TFE731-20, TFE731-20AR, TFE731-20BR, TFE731-3, TFE731-3-100S, TFE731-3-1D, TFE731-3-1G, TFE731-3-1H, TFE731-3A-2B, TFE731-3A-300G, TFE731-3B-100, TFE731-4, TFE731-4-1T, TFE731-40, TFE731-40AR-200G, TFE731-40R, TFE731-40R-200G, TFE731-5, TFE731-5-1J, TFE731-5AR, TFE731-5BR, TFE731-5BR-1C, TFE731-60, TJ-50, TJ400, TJ60, TJ75, TJ80, TJM3, TJM4, TR-1, Trent 1000, Trent 1700, Trent 553-61, Trent 556-61, Trent 560-61, Trent 600, Trent 665, Trent 672, Trent 758, Trent 764, Trent 768-60, Trent 772-60, Trent 772B-60, Trent 775-60, Trent 8104, Trent 871-17, Trent 875-17, Trent 877-17, Trent 882-17, Trent 884-17, Trent 890-17, Trent 892-17, Trent 895-17, Trent 895C-17, Trent 900, Trent 970-84, Trent 970B-84, Trent 975, Trent 976, Trent 977-84, Trent 977B-84, Trent 980-84, Trent-RB203,08, TRI 40-4, TRI 60-1, TRI 60-2, TRI 60-20, TRI 60-3, TRI 60-30, TRI 60-5, TRS 18-046, TRS 18-1, V2500-A1, V2522-A5, V2522-D5, V2524-A5, V2525-D5, V2527-A5, V2528-D5, V2530-A5, V2530-D5, V2533-A5, VD-19, VD-5, VD-7, VD-7B, VD-7D, VD-7F, VD-7M, Verdon, Viper 20F20, Viper ASV.11 Mk.200, Viper ASV.11 Mk.201, Viper ASV.11 Mk.202, Viper ASV.11 Mk.203, Viper ASV.11 Mk.22-1, Viper ASV.11 Mk.22-6, Viper ASV.11 Mk.22-8, Viper ASV.5, Viper ASV.8 Mk.101, Viper ASV.8 Mk.102, Viper ASV.8 Mk.104, Viper ASV.9 Mk.103, Viper Mk.520, Viper Mk.521, Viper Mk.522, Viper Mk.526, Viper Mk.531, Viper Mk.535, Viper Mk.540, Viper Mk.600, Viper Mk.601-22, Viper Mk.631, Viper Mk.632-41R, Viper Mk.632-43, Viper Mk.633-41, Viper Mk.633-47, Viper Mk.680, Viper Mk.680-43, VK-1, VK-1A, VK-1F, W.1X, Welland 1, WJ119-2, WP13, WP13A, WP13A II, WP13B, WP13F, WP5, WP6, WP6A, WP6B, WP7, WP7A, WP7B, WP7C, WP7F, WP8, WR19, WR2-6, WS6, WS6A, WS9, XJ30-P-7, XJ30-P-9, XJ30-WE-1, XJ30-WE-3, XJ30-WE-5, XJ30-WE-7, XJ30-WE-9, XJ33-GE-1, XJ33-GE-3, XJ33-GE-5, XJ33-GE-7, XJ34-WE-1, XJ34-WE-11, XJ34-WE-13, XJ34-WE-15, XJ34-WE-17, XJ34-WE-3, XJ34-WE-4, XJ34-WE-5, XJ34-WE-7, XJ34-WE-9, XJ35-A-23, XJ35-GE-1, XJ46-WE-1, XJ46-WE-2, XJ47-GE-5, XJ48-P-1, XJ52-P-1, XJ53-GE-1, XJ55-FF-1, XJ57-P-1, XJ57-P-1W, XJ99-RA-1, YJ57-P-3, YJ71-A-5, YJ75-P-9, YJ79-GE-13, YJ83-R-3, YJ85-GE-19, YJ93-GE-3. ...