Turboshaft, Turboprop and Propfan: database handbook
Les Éditions Élodie Roux - Turboshaft, Turboprop and Propfan: database handbook
  • Title: Turboshaft, Turboprop and Propfan: database handbook
  • Author: Élodie Roux
  • Abstract: This book is a collection of the characteristics of about 1500 turboshaft, Turboprop and Propfan engines. These engines are implanted on aircraft, helicopters, or are used as APU (Auxiliary Power Unit). In order to facilitate the use of this book, engine characteristics are shown in the same synthetic way: Take-off Power, specific fuel consumption, engine weight, dimensions, overall pressure ratio, turbine entry temperature, airflow ... These data have been collected from engine certification sheets as a priority, or reference books, web sites (The bibliography references are provided for each engine and they have been compared in order to select the most reliable data). The data are listed under the engine names. An index also allows to find an engine from its manufacturer. Moreover, in an aircraft design study it could be useful to find an engine of a given power, so a summary table lists the engine specifications under the take-off power.
    This book is also available in French.
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  • Number of pages: 643
  • Dimensions: 6"x9", ie. 15.24 cm x 22.86 cm
  • Publisher: Éditions Élodie Roux
  • Printed by: lulu.com
  • Year: August 2011
  • ISBN: 978-2-9529380-3-7

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Engines shown in this book: 36-100, 36-150CX/IAI, 36-150DD, 36-150F, 36-150F2, 36-150M, 36-150RJ, 36-150W, 36-280, 36-300, 131-9A, 131-9B, 165TE, 185TE, 205TE, 206 Turbine Pac, 217A-2A, 225-C10, 225-C10A, 250-B15, 250-B15A, 250-B15E, 250-B15G, 250-B17, 250-B17B, 250-B17C, 250-B17D, 250-B17E, 250-B17F, 250-B17F/1, 250-B17F/2, 250-C10, 250-C10B, 250-C10D, 250-C14, 250-C18, 250-C18A, 250-C18B, 250-C18C, 250-C19, 250-C20, 250-C20B, 250-C20C, 250-C20F, 250-C20F/2R, 250-C20J, 250-C20R, 250-C20R/1, 250-C20R/2, 250-C20R/3, 250-C20R/4, 250-C20R/9, 250-C20S, 250-C20W, 250-C22, 250-C28, 250-C28B, 250-C28C, 250-C30, 250-C30C, 250-C30G, 250-C30G/2, 250-C30L, 250-C30M, 250-C30P, 250-C30R, 250-C30R/1, 250-C30R/2, 250-C30R/3, 250-C30R/3M, 250-C30S, 250-C30U, 250-C34, 250-C40, 250-C40B, 250-C47, 250-C47B, 250-C47M, 250-C300/A1, 250-C300/B1, 250-MTU-C20B, 255TE, 331-200, 331-250, 331-350, 331-500, 501-D13, 501-D13A, 501-D13D, 501-D13E, 501-D13H, 501-D15, 501-D22, 501-D22A, 501-D22C, 501-D22D, 501-D22G, 501-D39, 501-M62, 501-M71, 501-M78, 501-M80, 501-M80C, 502-10VC, 550-1, 700, AE 1107C, AE 1107C-1 Liberty, AE 2100A, AE 2100C, AE 2100D2, AE 2100D2A, AE 2100D3, AE 2100H, AE 2100J, AE 2100P, AI-8, AI-9, AI-9-3B, AI-9V, AI-20-5, AI-20-6, AI-20A, AI-20D, AI-20D-3, AI-20D-4, AI-20D-5, AI-20D-6, AI-20DK, AI-20DM, AI-20K, AI-20M, AI-20V, AI-24, AI-24-2, AI-24A, AI-24P, AI-24T, AI-24UBE, AI-24VT, AI-26-2, AI-26P, AI-26T, AI-26VT, AI-30, AI-450, AI-450-2, AI-450M, AI-450MS, AI-450TP, AL-34-1, AL-34-2, AL5512, AM-20, APS 500/T-62T-39, APS 500/T-62T-40C11, APS 500/T-62T-40C2, APS 500/T-62T-40C3, APS 500/T-62T-40C3A, APS 500/T-62T-40C3A1, APS 500/T-62T-40C7A, APS 500/T-62T-40C7B, APS 500/T-62T-40C7D, APS 500/T-62T-40C7E1, APS 500/T-62T-40C7E2, APS 500/T-62T-40C8D, APS 500/T-62T-40C8D1, APS 500/T-62T-40C9, APS 500R/T-62T-40C14, APS 1000/T-62T-46C1, APS 1000/T-62T-46C12, APS 1000/T-62T-46C3, APS 1000/T-62T-46C3A, APS 1000/T-62T-46C7, APS 2000/T-62T-47C1, APS 2100, APS 2300, APS 3200, APS 3400, APS 5000, AR.318-02, Ardiden 1A, Ardiden 1H, Ardiden 1H1, Shakti, Ardiden 2K, Arriel 1, Arriel 1A, Arriel 1A1, Arriel 1A2, Arriel 1B, Arriel 1B2, Arriel 1C, Arriel 1C1, Arriel 1C2, Arriel 1D, Arriel 1D1, Arriel 1E, Arriel 1E2, Arriel 1K, Arriel 1K1, Arriel 1M, Arriel 1M1, Arriel 1S, Arriel 1S1, Arriel 2B, Arriel 2B1, Arriel 2B1A, Arriel 2B2, Arriel 2C, Arriel 2C1, Arriel 2C2, Arriel 2K2, Arriel 2S1, Arriel 2S2, Arrius 1A, Arrius 1A1, Arrius 1A2, Arrius 1B, Arrius 1D, Arrius 1M, Arrius 2B, Arrius 2B1, Arrius 2B1A, Arrius 2B1A1, Arrius 2B2, Arrius 2D, Arrius 2F, Arrius 2G1, Arrius 2G2, Arrius 2K1, Arrius 2K2, Artouste I, Artouste IIB1, Artouste IIC, Artouste IIC1, Artouste IIC2, Artouste IIC5, Artouste IIC6, Artouste IIIB, Artouste IIIB1, Artouste IIIC, Artouste IIID, Artouste 520, Astazou II, Astazou IIA, Astazou IIA2, Astazou IIC, Astazou IID, Astazou IIE, Astazou IIG, Astazou IIJ, Astazou IIK, Astazou IIN, Astazou III, Astazou III-2, Astazou IIIA, Astazou IIIA2, Astazou IIIB, Astazou IIIB2, Astazou IIIC, Astazou IIIC2, Astazou IIIN, Astazou IIIN2, Astazou X, Astazou XIIH-1, Astazou XIV Turboprop, Astazou XIV turboshaft, Astazou XIVA, Astazou XIVB, Astazou XIVC, Astazou XIVC1, Astazou XIVE, Astazou XIVF, Astazou XIVH, Astazou XIVM, Astazou XVI, Astazou XVIA, Astazou XVIC1, Astazou XVID, Astazou XVIF, Astazou XVIF1, Astazou XVIG, Astazou XVIZ, Astazou XVIII, Astazou XVIIIA, Astazou XX Turboprop, Astazou XX Turboshaft, Astazou XXB, AZ14, AZ16, Bastan 3A, Bastan 6A, Bastan 6A1, Bastan 6A2, Bastan 6B1, Bastan 6B2, Bastan 6C, Bastan 6C1, Bastan 6D, Bastan 7, Bastan 7A, Bastan 16, Bi-Bastan, BR700-TP, CT7-1, CT7-2, CT7-2A, CT7-2B, CT7-2D, CT7-2D1, CT7-3, CT7-5, CT7-5A, CT7-5A1, CT7-5A2, CT7-5A3, CT7-6, CT7-6A, CT7-6A1, CT7-6D, CT7-7, CT7-7A, CT7-7A1, CT7-7E, CT7-7E1, CT7-8, CT7-8A, CT7-8A5, CT7-8B, CT7-8B5, CT7-8C, CT7-8E, CT7-8E5, CT7-8F, CT7-8F5, CT7-9B, CT7-9B1, CT7-9B2, CT7-9C, CT7-9C3, CT7-9D, CT7-9D2, CT7-11, CT58-100-1, CT58-100-2, CT58-110-1, CT58-110-2, CT58-140-1, CT58-140-2, CT58-IHI-110-1, CT58-IHI-110-2, CT58-IHI-140-1, CT63-M-5A, CT64-820-1, CT64-820-2, CT64-820-3, CT64-820-4, CT64-P4C, CTP800-4T, CTS800-0, CTS800-1G, CTS800-2, CTS800-4, CTS800-4A, CTS800-4K, CTS800-4N, CTS800-5, CTS800-50, CTS800-54, D-25V, D-25VF, D-25VK, D-27, D-127, D-136, D-236, Dart RDa.1 Mk.502, Dart RDa.3 Mk.505, Dart RDa.3 Mk.506, Dart RDa.3 Mk.506A, Dart RDa.3 Mk.506B, Dart RDa.3 Mk.506C, Dart RDa.3 Mk.506F, Dart RDa.6 Mk.507, Dart RDa.6 Mk.510, Dart RDa.6 Mk.511, Dart RDa.6 Mk.511-7E, Dart RDa.6 Mk.512, Dart RDa.6 Mk.514, Dart RDa.6 Mk.514-7, Dart RDa.7 Mk.21, Dart RDa.7 Mk.520, Dart RDa.7 Mk.522, Dart RDa.7 Mk.525, Dart RDa.7 Mk.526, Dart RDa.7 Mk.527, Dart RDa.7 Mk.528, Dart RDa.7 Mk.528-7E, Dart RDa.7 Mk.528D-7E, Dart RDa.7 Mk.529-7, Dart RDa.7 Mk.529-7E, Dart RDa.7 Mk.529-7H, Dart RDa.7 Mk.529-8, Dart RDa.7 Mk.529-8E, Dart RDa.7 Mk.529-8H, Dart RDa.7 Mk.529-8X, Dart RDa.7 Mk.529-8Y, Dart RDa.7 Mk.529-8Z, Dart RDa.7 Mk.529D-7E, Dart RDa.7 Mk.529D-7H, Dart RDa.7 Mk.529D-8E, Dart RDa.7 Mk.529D-8H, Dart RDa.7 Mk.529D-8X, Dart RDa.7 Mk.529D-8Y, Dart RDa.7 Mk.529D-8Z, Dart RDa.7 Mk.530, Dart RDa.7 Mk.531, Dart RDa.7 Mk.532, Dart RDa.7 Mk.532-2L, Dart RDa.7 Mk.532-2S, Dart RDa.7 Mk.532-7, Dart RDa.7 Mk.532-7L, Dart RDa.7 Mk.532-7N, Dart RDa.7 Mk.532-7P, Dart RDa.7 Mk.532-7R, Dart RDa.7 Mk.533-2, Dart RDa.7 Mk.534-2, Dart RDa.7 Mk.535-2, Dart RDa.7 Mk.535-7, Dart RDa.7 Mk.535-7R, Dart RDa.7 Mk.536, Dart RDa.7 Mk.536-2, Dart RDa.7 Mk.536-2T, Dart RDa.7 Mk.536-7, Dart RDa.7 Mk.536-7P, Dart RDa.7 Mk.536-7R, Dart RDa.7 Mk.551, Dart RDa.7 Mk.551-7, Dart RDa.7 Mk.551-7R, Dart RDa.7 Mk.552, Dart RDa.7 Mk.552-2, Dart RDa.7 Mk.552-7, Dart RDa.7 Mk.552-7R, Dart RDa.7/1 Mk.525-F, Dart RDa.7/1 Mk.530, Dart RDa.8 Mk.101, Dart RDa.8 Mk.102, Dart RDa.8 Mk.150, Dart RDa.8 Mk.151, Dart RDa.8 Mk.550-2, Dart RDa.10 Mk.542-4, Dart RDa.10 Mk.542-4K, Dart RDa.10 Mk.542-10, Dart RDa.10 Mk.542-10J, Dart RDa.10 Mk.542-10K, Dart RDa.10 Mk.543-10, Dart RDa.10 Mk.543-10K, Dart RDa.10/1 Mk.542, Dart RDa.12 Mk.201, DB 720, DB 721 Turboprop, DB 721 Turboshaft, Diva-117V, Double Mamba Mk.1, Double Mamba Mk.100, Double Mamba Mk.101, Double Mamba Mk.102, Dual Pac 785-1000, Eland NEl.1, Eland NEl.6 Mk.503, Eland NEl.6 Mk.503A, Eland NEl.6 Mk.504, Eland NEl.6 Mk.504A, Eland NEl.6 Mk.507, Eland NEl.6 Mk.507A, Eland NEl.6 Mk.508, Eland NEl.6 Mk.508A, Eland NEl.7, Gazelle NGa.2 Mk.101, Gazelle NGa.13 Mk.161, Gazelle NGa.13/2 Mk.162, Gazelle NGa.22 Mk.165, Gazelle NGa.22 Mk.165C, GE12, GE3000, GE38-1B, Gem 2 Mk.1004, Gem 2 Mk.1004D, Gem 2, Mk.1001, Mk.10001, Gem 4, Gem 41 Mk.101, Gem 41 Mk.202, Gem 41-1 Mk.1014, Gem 42 Mk.1017, Gem 42-1 Mk.204, Gem 42-1 Mk.205, Gem 43-1 Mk.1020, Gem 47-1 Mk.???, Gem 60-3/1 Mk.530, Gem 60-3/3 Mk.531, Gem Mk.510, Gemini/T-62T-20G10C3/4, Gnome H.1000 Mk.101, Gnome H.1000 Mk.110, Gnome H.1000 Mk.111, Gnome H.1000 Mk.501, Gnome H.1000 Mk.510, Gnome H.1000 Mk.511, Gnome H.1200, Gnome H.1200 Mk.610, Gnome H.1200 Mk.640, Gnome H.1200 Mk.640A, Gnome H.1200 Mk.641, Gnome H.1200 Mk.641A, Gnome H.1200 Mk.660, Gnome H.1400, Gnome H.1400-1, Gnome H.1400-1T, Gnome H.1800, GTA-6RM, GTA-8RM, GTD-3, GTD-3BM, GTD-3F, GTD-3M, GTD-110, GTD-350, GTD-350P, GTD-350W, GTD-1000T, GTD-1000TF, GTD-1250, GTDE-117, GTE-110, GTE-400, GTP-1-1.5, H80, HTS900-2-1D, HTS1000, JFTD12A-1, JFTD12A-4A, JFTD12A-5A, LM500, LM2500, LM2500+, LM2500+G4, LM6000, LTC 1B-1, LTC 1F-2, LTC 1K-4C, LTC 1K-4K, LTC 4B-8, LTC 4B-8D, LTC 4B-11, LTC 4B-12, LTC 4G-3, LTC 4R-1, LTC 4R-3, LTC 4V-1, LTC K-5, LTP 101-600, LTP 101-600A, LTP 101-600A-1A, LTP 101-700A-1A, LTS 101-600A-2, LTS 101-600A-3, LTS 101-600A-3A, LTS 101-600B, LTS 101-650A, LTS 101-650B-1, LTS 101-650B-1A, LTS 101-650C-2, LTS 101-650C-3, LTS 101-650C-3A, LTS 101-700D-2, LTS 101-750A-1, LTS 101-750A-3, LTS 101-750B-1, LTS 101-750B-2, LTS 101-750C-1, LTS 101-850B-2, M70FRU, M70RU, M90FR, M138, M601A, M601B, M601D, M601D-1, M601D-2, M601D-11, M601D-11NZ, M601E, M601E-11, M601E-11A, M601E-11AS, M601E-11S, M601E-21, M601F, M601F-11, M601F-21, M601F-22, M601F-32, M601F-33, M601F-34, M601FS, M601H-80, M601T, M601Z, M602A, M602B, Makila 1A, Makila 1A1, Makila 1A2, Makila 1A4, Makila 1K2, Makila 2A, Makila 2A1, Mamba A.S.Ma.1, Mamba A.S.Ma.3, Mamba A.S.Ma.6, Marton 2S/150, MG5-10, MG5-100, MG5-110, MG6-10, Model 2026, Model 6012 C1, Model 6012 C2, Model 6012 C3, Model 6012 E2, Model 6012 L2, Model 6012 L3, Model 6022 A1, Model 6022 A2, Model 6022 A3, MTM 385, MTM 385R, MTM 390, MTR 390, MTR 390-2C, MTR 390-E, Nimbus 102, Nimbus 103, Nimbus 104, Nimbus 105, NK-4, NK-12, NK-12M, NK-12MA, NK-12MK, NK-12MP, NK-12MV, NK-12ST, NK-62M, NK-92, NK-93, NK-94, NK-110, NK-123, Opale 3, Option 15, Option 20, Option 30, Option 50, Orédon III, PK6, PK127A, PK127H, PK127T/S, PK206D, PK206S, PK207K, PLT-27A, PLT-27B, PLT-27C, PLT-27D, PRO 5000, PRO EDITION, PRO X, Proteus 625, Proteus 705, Proteus 755, Proteus 756, Proteus 765, Proteus 766, PT6A-6, PT6A-6A, PT6A-6B, PT6A-6/C20, PT6A-11, PT6A-11AG, PT6A-14AG, PT6A-15AG, PT6A-20, PT6A-20A, PT6A-20B, PT6A-21, PT6A-25, PT6A-25A, PT6A-25C, PT6A-25D, PT6A-27, PT6A-28, PT6A-29, PT6A-34, PT6A-34AG, PT6A-34B, PT6A-35, PT6A-36, PT6A-38, PT6A-40, PT6A-41, PT6A-41AG, PT6A-42, PT6A-42A, PT6A-45, PT6A-45A, PT6A-45AG, PT6A-45B, PT6A-45R, PT6A-50, PT6A-50/7, PT6A-52, PT6A-60, PT6A-60A, PT6A-60AG, PT6A-61, PT6A-61A, PT6A-62, PT6A-64, PT6A-65, PT6A-65AG, PT6A-65AR, PT6A-65B, PT6A-65R, PT6A-66, PT6A-66A, PT6A-66B, PT6A-66D, PT6A-67, PT6A-67A, PT6A-67AF, PT6A-67AG, PT6A-67B, PT6A-67D, PT6A-67E, PT6A-67F, PT6A-67P, PT6A-67R, PT6A-67T, PT6A-68, PT6A-68-1, PT6A-68-3, PT6A-68A, PT6A-68B, PT6A-68C, PT6A-110, PT6A-112, PT6A-114, PT6A-114A, PT6A-116, PT6A-121, PT6A-135, PT6A-135A, PT6A-135B, PT6A-135M, PT6B-9, PT6B-16, PT6B-34, PT6B-35F, PT6B-36, PT6B-36A, PT6B-36B, PT6B-37, PT6B-37A, PT6B-67A, PT6C-67, PT6C-67A, PT6C-67B, PT6C-67C, PT6C-67D, PT6C-67E, PT6D-114A, PT6T-3, PT6T-3A, PT6T-3B, PT6T-3B-1, PT6T-3BE, PT6T-3BF, PT6T-3BG, PT6T-3D, PT6T-3DE, PT6T-3DF, PT6T-6, PT6T-6B, PT6T-9, PTL6, PTL10, PW102A, PW108A, PW115, PW118, PW118A, PW118B, PW119, PW119A, PW119B, PW119C, PW120, PW120A, PW121, PW121A, PW123, PW123AF, PW123B, PW123C, PW123D, PW123E, PW124, PW124A, PW124B, PW125, PW125A, PW125B, PW126, PW126A, PW127, PW127A, PW127AF, PW127B, PW127C, PW127D, PW127E, PW127F, PW127G, PW127H, PW127J, PW127M, PW127T/S, PW130, PW150??, PW150A, PW150B, PW150T, PW180, PW200/9, PW200/55, PW205B, PW206A, PW206B, PW206B2, PW206C, PW206D, PW206E, PW207C, PW207D, PW207D1, PW207D2, PW207E, PW207K, PW209T, PW210S, PW901A, PW901C, PW980A, PW3000, PW3005, PZL-10B, PZL-10S, PZL-10W, R124-300, RD-600, RD-600S, RD-600V, RE50, RE100, RE220, RR300, RR500TP, RR500TS, RR1004, RS, RS.360-07, RTM 321, RTM 322-01/1, RTM 322-01/8 Mk.100, RTM 322-01/9, RTM 322-01/9A Step 0, RTM 322-01/12 Mk.120, RTM 322-02/8 Mk.200, RTM 322-02/8 Mk.250, RTM 322-04/8 Step 0, Rubis 3, Ryton, Saphir 4-2, Saphir 10, Saphir 20, Saphir 100, Saturn, SHFE, T-20G-10-C4P, T34-P-2, T34-P-3, T34-P-5, T34-P-6, T34-P-7W, T34-P-7WA, T34-P-9W, T50-BO-12, T50-BO-8A, T5307A, T5309A, T5309B, T5309C, T5311A, T5311B, T5313A, T5313B, T5317A, T5317A-1, T5317B, T5317BCV, T5319A, T5321A, T53-K-13B, T53-K-13B2, T53-K-703, T53-L-1, T53-L-1A, T53-L-1B, T53-L-2, T53-L-3, T53-L-3A, T53-L-5, T53-L-7, T53-L-9A, T53-L-11, T53-L-11A, T53-L-11B, T53-L-11C, T53-L-11D, T53-L-13, T53-L-13A, T53-L-13B, T53-L-15, T53-L-17A, T53-L-701, T53-L-701A, T53-L-702, T53-L-703, T54-A-2, T54-A-3, T54-A-16, T5508D, T55-GA-714A, T55-GA-715B, T55-K-712, T55-L-5, T55-L-7, T55-L-7B, T55-L-7C, T55-L-11A, T55-L-11C, T55-L-11D, T55-L-11E, T55-L-712, T55-L-712E, T55-L-712F, T55-L-714, T55-L-714A, T56 Series I, T56 Series II, T56 Series III, T56 Series IV, T56-A-1, T56-A-3, T56-A-4, T56-A-5, T56-A-7, T56-A-7A, T56-A-8A, T56-A-8B, T56-A-9, T56-A-10W, T56-A-10WA, T56-A-11, T56-A-14, T56-A-14LFE, T56-A-15, T56-A-15LFE, T56-A-16, T56-A-17, T56-A-18, T56-A-422, T56-A-423, T56-A-425, T56-A-427, T56-A-427A, T56-IHI-14, T57-P-1, T58-GE-1, T58-GE-2, T58-GE-3, T58-GE-5, T58-GE-6, T58-GE-8B, T58-GE-8E, T58-GE-8F, T58-GE-10, T58-GE-16, T58-GE-16A, T58-GE-100, T58-GE-400B, T58-GE-402, T62-S, T-62T-11, T-62T-11A, T-62T-16B, T-62T-16B1, T-62T-27, T-62T-2A1, T-62T-2B, T-62T-40-1, T-62T-40-1, T-62T-40-7, T-62T-40-8, T-62T-40-C7EH, T-62T-40LC-2, T-62T-43, T-62T-46-2, T-62T-46C14, T-62T-46-C16, T-62T-46LC-1, T-62T-46LC-2, T-62T-47C3P, T63-A-1, T63-A-5, T63-A-5A, T63-A-100, T63-A-700, T63-A-701, T63-A-720, T64/P4D, T64/T4C2, T64-GE-1, T64-GE-3, T64-GE-4, T64-GE-5, T64-GE-6, T64-GE-6B, T64-GE-7, T64-GE-7A, T64-GE-8, T64-GE-10, T64-GE-12, T64-GE-16, T64-GE-16A, T64-GE-100, T64-GE-412, T64-GE-413, T64-GE-413A, T64-GE-415, T64-GE-416, T64-GE-416A, T64-GE-417, T64-GE-419, T64-GE-716, T64-GE-P4C, T64-GE-P4D, T64-GE-P4D-1, T64-GE-S4D-1, T64-GE-T4C-2, T64-IHI-10, T64-IHI-10J, T64-MTU-7, T64-MTU-100, T65-T-1, T67-T-1, T72-T, T73-P-1, T73-P-700, T74-CP-8, T74-CP-10, T74-CP-12, T74-CP-14, T74-CP-700, T74-CP-702, T76-G-10, T76-G-12, T76-G-410, T76-G-411, T76-G-416, T76-G-417, T76-G-420, T76-G-421, T101-CP-100, T112, T312, T400-CP-400, T400-CP-401, T400-WV-402, T406-AD-400, T407-GE-400, T700-GE-401, T700-GE-401C, T700-GE-700, T700-GE-701, T700-GE-701A, T700-GE-701C, T700-GE-701D, T700-GE-701K, T700-GE-T6A, T700-GE-T6A1, T700-GE-T6C, T700-GE-T6E, T700-GE-T6E1, T700-IHI-401C, T701-A-401, T701-A-401X, T702-LD-400, T703-AD-700, T800-5, T800-APW-800, T800-LHT-800, T800-LHT-801, T800-LHT-802, TA-4FE, TA-6A, TA-6V, TA-8, TA-8K, TA-8V, TA-12, TA-12-60, TA-14, TA-14-031, TA-14-130, TA-14-130-35, TA-18-100, TA-18-200, TAA230, Titan T-62T, TM251, TM319-1, TM319-2, TM333-1A, TM333-1M, TM333-2B, TM333-2B2, TM333-2E, TM333-2M2, TM333B, Topaze 15, TP319, TP400-D6, TP-500E, TPE331 Series I, TPE331 Series II, TPE331-1, TPE331-1-100F, TPE331-1-101, TPE331-1-101B, TPE331-1-101E, TPE331-1-101F, TPE331-1-101Z, TPE331-1-151A, TPE331-1-151G, TPE331-1-151K, TPE331-1-151Z, TPE331-1U, TPE331-1UA, TPE331-2-201A, TPE331-2-201C, TPE331-2-251A, TPE331-2U-201A, TPE331-2UA-203D, TPE331-3-301, TPE331-3-303, TPE331-3A-301W, TPE331-3U-303G, TPE331-3U-303N, TPE331-3U-303V, TPE331-3U-304G, TPE331-3UW-304G, TPE331-3W-301A, TPE331-3W-304G, TPE331-5-251C, TPE331-5-252C, TPE331-5-252D, TPE331-5-252K, TPE331-5-252M, TPE331-5-254K, TPE331-5-255K, TPE331-5A-252D, TPE331-5AB-252D, TPE331-5B-252D, TPE331-5U, TPE331-6-251M, TPE331-6-252B, TPE331-6-252L, TPE331-6-252M, TPE331-6-252T, TPE331-6-253B, TPE331-6A-251M, TPE331-6A-252M, TPE331-6U, TPE331-8-401S, TPE331-8-402S, TPE331-8-422S, TPE331-8A, TPE331-9-???S, TPE331-9U, TPE331-10, TPE331-10-501C, TPE331-10-501K, TPE331-10-501M, TPE331-10-511K, TPE331-10-511M, TPE331-10A, TPE331-10AV-511B, TPE331-10AV-511KA, TPE331-10AV-511M, TPE331-10B, TPE331-10G-511D, TPE331-10GP, TPE331-10GR, TPE331-10GT-511D, TPE331-10J, TPE331-10N-511S, TPE331-10N-512S, TPE331-10N-513S, TPE331-10N-514S, TPE331-10N-515S, TPE331-10N-531S, TPE331-10N-532S, TPE331-10N-533S, TPE331-10N-534S, TPE331-10N-535S, TPE331-10P-511D, TPE331-10R, TPE331-10R-501C, TPE331-10R-502C, TPE331-10R-511C, TPE331-10R-512C, TPE331-10R-513C, TPE331-10T, TPE331-10T-511D, TPE331-10T-511K, TPE331-10T-511M, TPE331-10T-512K, TPE331-10T-513K, TPE331-10T-515K, TPE331-10T-516K, TPE331-10T-517K, TPE331-10U-501G, TPE331-10U-502G, TPE331-10U-503G, TPE331-10U-511G, TPE331-10U-512G, TPE331-10U-513G, TPE331-10UA-511G, TPE331-10UF, TPE331-10UF-501H, TPE331-10UF-511H, TPE331-10UF-512H, TPE331-10UF-513H, TPE331-10UF-514H, TPE331-10UF-515H, TPE331-10UF-516H, TPE331-10UG-513H, TPE331-10UG-514H, TPE331-10UG-515H, TPE331-10UG-516H, TPE331-10UGR-513H, TPE331-10UGR-514H, TPE331-10UGR-515H, TPE331-10UGR-516H, TPE331-10UJ, TPE331-10UK, TPE331-10UR-513H, TPE331-11, TPE331-11-601W, TPE331-11U-601G, TPE331-11U-602G, TPE331-11U-611G, TPE331-11U-612G, TPE331-11UA, TPE331-12, TPE331-12B, TPE331-12B-701A, TPE331-12JR-701C, TPE331-12JR-701S, TPE331-12U-701G, TPE331-12UA-701G, TPE331-12UA-701H, TPE331-12UAR-701G, TPE331-12UER, TPE331-12UH-701G, TPE331-12UHR-701G, TPE331-12UHR-701H, TPE331-14, TPE331-14A, TPE331-14A-801Z, TPE331-14B, TPE331-14F-801L, TPE331-14G, TPE331-14GR-801E, TPE331-14GR-801H, TPE331-14GR-802H, TPE331-14GR-805H, TPE331-14H, TPE331-14HR-801E, TPE331-14HR-801H, TPE331-14HR-802H, TPE331-14HR-805H, TPE331-14UA, TPE331-14UB-801G, TPE331-15A, TPE331-15AW, TPE331-25, TPE331-25A, TPE331-25AA, TPE331-25AB, TPE331-25B, TPE331-25C, TPE331-25D, TPE331-25DA, TPE331-25DB, TPE331-25E, TPE331-25F, TPE331-25FA, TPE331-25/61, TPE331-25/71, TPE331-29, TPE331-29A, TPE331-43, TPE331-43A, TPE331-43B, TPE331-45, TPE331-47, TPE331-47A, TPE331-47B, TPE331-49, TPE331-51, TPE331-55, TPE331-55A, TPE331-55B, TPE331-57, TPE331-57B, TPE331-61, TPE331-61A, TPE331-71, TPF351-20, TS1-M-10, TS325-1, TSE231-P2400, TSE331-1, TSE331-3U-303N, TSE331-10UA-511SW, TSE36-1, Turbine Pac 780-1000-1, Turmastazou XIV, Turmastazou XVI, Turmo IIIC, Turmo IIIC2, Turmo IIIC3, Turmo IIIC4, Turmo IIIC5, Turmo IIIC6, Turmo IIIC7, Turmo IIID, Turmo IIID3, Turmo IIIE, Turmo IIIE3, Turmo IIIE6, Turmo IVA, Turmo IVB, Turmo IVC, Turmo VI, Turmo X, Turmo XVI, TV-2BM, TV-116-300, TV-128-300, TV2-117, TV2-117A, TV2-117AG, TV2-117F, TV2-117TG, TV3-117, TV3-117B, TV3-117BK, TV3-117KM, TV3-117M, TV3-117MT, TV3-117V, TV3-117VK, TV3-117VM, TV3-117VM-02, TV3-117VMA, TV3-117VMA-02, TV3-117VMA-03, TV3-117VMA-F, TV3-117VMAR, TV3-117VMA-S, TV3-117VMA-SB2, TV3-117VMA-SB3, TV3-117VMA-SBM1, TV3-117VMA-SBM2, TV7-117, TV7-117C, TV7-117E, TV7-117K, TV7-117M, TV7-117S, TV7-117S Series 2, TV7-117SD, TV7-117SM, TV7-117ST, TV7-117SV, TV7-117V, TV7-117VK, TV7-117VM, TVA-3000/120, TVA-3000/127, TVD-10A, TVD-10B, TVD-10BA, TVD-10M, TVD-20, TVD-20-01, TVD-20-03, TVD-20M, TVD-20V, TV-D-100, TVD-150, TVD-400A, TVD-450, TVD-850, TVD-1500, TVD-1500A, TVD-1500B, TVD-1500S, TVD-1500SKh, TVD-1500T, TVD-1500V, TV-O-100, TWD-10B, TWD-10W, Tyne RTy.1 Mk.506, Tyne RTy.11 Mk.512, Tyne RTy.12 Mk.101, Tyne RTy.12 Mk.515, Tyne RTy.12 Mk.515/10, Tyne RTy.12 Mk.515/101W, Tyne RTy.12 Mk.515W, Tyne RTy.12 Mk.522, Tyne RTy.20 Mk.21, Tyne RTy.20 Mk.22, Tyne RTy.20 Mk.801, VK-100, VK-150, VK-800S, VK-800V, VK-1500, VK-1500V, VK-1500VK, VK-1500VM, VK-2500, VK-3000, VK-3500, WJ5, WJ5A, WJ5AI, WJ5AIG, WJ5E, Wolston 1S/90, WR34-15, WTS34-16, WTS117, WZ5, WZ6, WZ8, WZ8D, XRK206S, XT31-GE-1, XT31-GE-2, XT37-NA-1, XT37-NA-3, XT38-A-5, XT40-A-2, XT40-A-4, XT50-BO-1, XT51-T-1, XT51-T-3, XT67-T-1, XTS1, XTS1-10, YT34-P-1, YT38-A-10, YT40-A-6, YT40-A-10, YT40-A-14, YT49-W-1, YT55-L-9, YT58-GE-8D, YT64-GE-4, YT702-LD-700. ...